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Hop Free Beer Madison

Innovative brewing. Mind-blowing flavor experience.

Hop Free is Beer Freedom


Why Hop Free?


Beer is over 10,000 years old. But we drink a very different product than our ancestors did. In fact, the recipe for the majority of beer you drink today is rooted in old mandates from the German Protestant Church. Leftover archaic mandates due to immoral taxing practices. Feudal system anyone?

Flash forward to 2018.

None of the beer produced in the US is required to contain barley, water, yeast, and hops. And yet the beer industry relies on this outdated recipe - keeping our flavor profiles (and our taste buds) in a cage. We've taken the freedom to experiment with the 200+ different herbs that could favorably flavor beer. It is our right and our responsibility to cultivate integrity in experimentation, and uncage an industry shackled by historically-accepted styles and conventional ingredients. 

Our beer is an invitation to indulge in your creativity, reconnect with the natural world around you, and experience mind-blowing and limitless flavor potentials.

Why Hop Free?
Because Hop Free is Beer Freedom. 


Does Hop Free mean Gluten Free?

We're glad you asked. Our beer is hop free, but not barley or wheat free. The gluten in beer comes from malted barley and wheat. So at this time, we do not produce a gluten-free beer. But we never say never. 


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About Hop Free Brewing

Hop Free Brewing was founded in Nick Ryan's New Jersey basement in 2017.

His “new” style of brewing happens to be a very old style - stretching back to the 5th millennium BC. Mixing and matching from an vast selection of herbs - to satisfy taste and not tradition. Nick has since relocated to Madison, Wisconsin, and seeks local ingredients and partnerships with farmers to create Wisconsin-specific beer. His recipes are always tied to a place, not style.  

Nick continues to share flavor experiences with anyone willing to try something truly innovative.


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Let's talk beer. Preferably while drinking a beer. 


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